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In search for great offers on wholesale strong>color cube for your optic requirements? We have the solution for you. We offer a wide variety of optic prisms for your convenience and at an affordable price. An Optical prism is designed to deflect light at a particular beam angle. An optical prism is perfectly suited for redirecting beams or adapting the alignment of an actual image. In fact, it is the actual design of the optical prism that dictates its interactivity with light.

Normally, as light penetrates an optical prism, it will either undergo reflection from one or more surfaces prior to escape, or its illumination will be refracted as it travels across the surface of the substrate. If the light enters a rectangular prism, for instance, it bounces off a sole substrate surface to deflect the light at a 90°angle. On the other hand, if that light penetrates another type of prism, a variation in the thickness of the substrate results in deflection of the light by refraction.

We feature wholesale strong>color cube optical prisms that are designed for a broad variety of purposes. Our comprehensive assortment of optical prisms covers several shapes as well as setups. They come in various forms including triangular prism, glass prism, hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism, square prism, trapezoidal prism, rainbow prism, octagonal prism, right triangular prism, and many more. Our featured China’s wholesalers are here to address your needs and requirements! Start your search now!