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Colored mailer boxes are attractive boxes used for packaging products. People can buy colored mailer boxes at wholesale prices for business purposes. Buyers can use colored corrugated mailing boxes for gifting purposes also. Some color mailer boxes can be recycled. You can buy black corrugated mailer boxes for shoes or home decor items. Buyers can use hot pink mailer boxes for jewelry and cosmetics. There are also green mailer boxes and white gloss mailer boxes.

Benefits of Using Colored Mailer Boxes

Businessmen use colored mailer boxes to enhance their brand image. Customers may feel special when they receive products in custom-colored mailer boxes. It is possible to add logos or any customized symbol or names to the colored mailer boxes. Therefore, you can use the boxes for any occasion and purpose. The logo of a company on glossy or matte-colored corrugated mailing boxes generates free publicity. Colored boxes like the Uline colored mailers have a variety of dimensions and sizes as per the requirements of the buyers. So, different types of products from different industries can be used in colored corrugated mailer boxes.

Colored corrugated mailers are lightweight. So, it is easy to ship products in colored mailers. Besides, one can order the color mailer boxes in bulk and store them. The side stripes and flaps of the boxes keep the product inside the box secure. Custom-colored mailer boxes can be molded into any shape. Moreover, you do not need any glue or adhesive tape to close the colored mailer boxes. Therefore, it saves one from that extra cost.

Features of Colored Mailer Boxes

Colored corrugated mailing boxes may be made of cardboard, art paper, duplex paper, coated paper, etc. There may be a glossy or matte shine on the box. Some color mailer boxes may have the feature of UV coating or varnish finishing. Besides, one can use gold or silver stamping to make the black corrugated mailer boxes more attractive. Buyers can customize their colored mailer boxes with ribbons, stones, buttons, crystals, etc.

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