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Compost spreaders, sometimes referred to as soil top dressers, are used to evenly distribute fertilizers and other soil amendments, making them an invaluable tool for farmers, gardeners, and landscapers. Pull behind compost spreaders come with turning wheels to easily maneuver over rough terrain and rocky soil. Some compost roller spreaders are designed with rotating tines, so they can be pulled behind a tractor with ease.

What is a top dresser?

A top dresser is a farm machine that applies nutrient-rich substances such as compost and fertilizers to the surface of the soil.

How does a compost spreader work?

A typical compost spreader works by using a rotating drum with holes in it, which picks up the compost and pushes it out of the holes onto the ground. The drum rotates at a steady speed that ensures even distribution over the ground.

Is it possible to spread compost with a top dresser spreader?

Yes, it's possible. In fact, compost top dressers are designed specifically for spreading compost over a soil area without creating too much dust or clumping.

Is it possible to spread potting soil with a spreader?

Potting soil can be spread using a drop spreader, which has rotating hoppers that scoop up the potting soil and deposits it in a wide swath.

Is it possible to use a spreader for topsoil?

Yes! A compost spreader can be used to apply the exact amount of topsoil, which adds more nutrients to the soil and helps loosen it up so that roots can grow deeper into the ground.

Is it possible to top dress the lawn with a compost spreader?

Yes, it's possible to use lawn compost spreaders to top dress and distribute nutrient-rich material evenly over the entire surface of a lawn.

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