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Each particle of compound fertilizer contains numerous nutrients. They're not the same as a combination of fertilizers combined to reach a desired average nutritional composition. This distinction enables farmers to apply it so that each granule distributes a variety of nutrients as it diffuses in the soil. This helps in eliminating the possibility of nutrient segregation during transit or application. Compound fertilizers' multi-nutrient granules also allow farmers to obtain a balanced distribution of micronutrients in the root zone. compound fertilizer is particularly useful for providing an initial nutrition dose before planting. A fertilizer supplier can provide appropriate nutrient proportions for certain soil and crop requirements. This method has the advantage of making intricate fertilizer decisions easier.

There are several advantages of using compound fertilizers. First, compound fertilizer contains more nutritional elements. Once applied, it can supply at least two of the crop's essential nutrients. Secondly, compound fertilizer has good physical properties that make application easy. Compound fertilizer granules are generally firm, powder-free, and their particles have a uniform size. Moreover, these particle shave low moisture absorption and are simple to store and use. It can be applied mechanically or by hand, and it can even be disseminated artificially. Lastly, transporting of compound fertilizer is a bit easier because it has fewer sub-components.

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