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        Q: How do I stain my basement concrete floor?
A: this is feasible to done however , its elaborates . you are able try - the upside being thatt if you wan na give up or it turns out crappy for your tasting ( because its a pro kinda job generally ) you are able always carpet over top .   1 ) remove everything ( carpeting pad , debris , glue etc )  2 ) try as best you are able to get the surface down to bare concrete anywhere - the surface ought to be uniformed in order be adopted the stain .  3 ) do everything your test and practice somewhere inconspicuous - like under where the couch is gong to be .  4 ) concrete stain made available at most painting storing . Follow directions .  5 ) relying upon what finishing is desired , use whatever instrument are recommended . ( for `` speckle '' stuff - regular squirt bottle is the path to go .  six ) you are able base coat the whole thing one color and subsequently texture spraying another ( or various ) thats all up to you . Thats the art part .  7 ) sealers : - yeah , i knew him do this . You dont have to . it makes it last longest and whatnot .   - the prep part ( for best outcome ) implicates grinding the cement surface ( like sanding it ) so that its bare , not stained or sealed , somewhat uniformed and will accept the stain .   Like I told me that its elaborated - in particular if you wish it turning now out well .  Carpet is the cheapest floor covering method , you are aware . You can also paint a floor - thats easier , simpler , cheaper ... but it 's what it 's ...   up to you . 

Q: Cracked concrete floor?
A: I 'm just curious as to just what is meant by `` mixed concrete repair '' . Is that is supposed to means you 're going to mix the concrete to repair the cracking , or does that even mean the concrete employed to pour the floor was mixed differently than normal ? At any event , you are going to required to make your batch of repair cement a bit soupier than ordinary , so that you do n't wind up with a numbers of voids throughout the repair . Make convinced to vibrate it good , which brings up any air bubbles in the mixing and thereforelves it down into the very profoundest part of the cracking , and that 's what you want .  Just for fun , you might wish to scout around some to see if you are able figure out what condition aroused these cracking , ( fissures ) in the floor in the firstly place , and address such if achievable .