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        Q: If you have a condom you use it and the female gets pregnant.why?
A: You put it inside . The gynochologist is able to demonstrate you and try one out that fits you . There are several sized and you use it different times . 

Q: What happens if you keep taking the condom on and off during sex but between taking it off and on you use no condom for a little while?
A: Yes . You be extremely is probablycome pregnant from this . You should always use a new condom every time . I would recommend taking emergency contraception as briefly as feasible to assist in prevent pregnancy . 

Q: Are there ways to make sure condom won't break?
A: Crazyowl has good guidance , including , in particular , about squeezing the air out of the tip when the condom goes on . ( The other replying that said you ought to have an air bubble there exists WRONG . That is one , of the reasons that condoms break . But I would have wished to add are a few of points .   Breaking is only one of the feasible things that are able go incorrect . It 's also significant to make persuaded that the condom is on early sufficiently and that you wo n't slip off during or right after sex .   A lot of guys wish to get Magnum or another extra-large brands , since wearing an extra huge condom makes them feel manly . But the reality is that very little guys need the enormous sized condoms , and a snugly fitting condom is considerably least likely to slip off . ( And it also appears that a snug fit gives the guy more pleasure . ) So , unless you 're with a guy whose penis be extremely thick , make him buy ordinary condoms .   Also , while being it is all right 's using lube , if you wish or need it , use ONLY authentic sex lube , like Wet , KY , or Astroglide . Never , ever used hand cream , vaseline , or everything that has petroleum . It can begin to disband the condom . Not a good idea . And if you do use lube , use it solely on the outside of the condom ( or in you , which 's also fine ) . He should not put lube on his penis prior to the condom goes on , because that too can find it easier to slip off .   While we 're talking about putting the condom on , I should remind everyone that the condom should go on as briefly as he gets hard . Do n't 's waiting the last twond before he penetrates , and *please* never falls for that BS about commenced sexual intercourse without a condom `` only for a 2nd . '' The lubrication liquid ( pre-come ) of most guys has some sperm in it . Not a lot , but sufficiently that with bad luck some girls be pregnant that way . As shortly as he is erect , he should get covered . Never let an uncovered pen's everywhere near your vagina .   And now , the harshest part : After sex , you both wish to hold one another clost , right ? The last thing on your mind 's pulling apart . But that is what you have to do . If you wait until he gets soft , it 's sooo easy for the utilized condom to slip off INSIDE you . And that is terrifyingly hazardous . ( Trust me on this , honey . I am talking from personal experience here . ) He must pull soon after he has his culmination , while being he remains erect . It 's lousy - but this is the best way to stay safe . And he should hold on to the condom as he withdrawal , or you are able do it for him . Just make persuaded that the condom comes out while it continues to be on him . Of course , what I said before about keeping an uncovered penis absent from your vagina goes double at this point . when he ejaculates , some of that sperm will be on the leader of his penis , so caution what it touches when he takes the condom off .   Finally , you also questioned about stances , so allowed me say a few words about that . In general , sex stances does n't really matter much when it comes to maintaininging safe . In a few stances ( like `` doggie '' ) you are not capable of to hold the condom as he withdrawal , so you would have following completionly trust him to do that . But otherwise , any stance you both enjoy is all right . But if he thrusts really hard -- in any stance -- there exists of course greater pressure on the condom and , therefore , a larger opportunity that it will break . So , keep that in mind when you 're going to have sex .   Let me add that you ought to be proud of yourself for 're thinking what it takes to remain safe . It 's the only way you are able safeguard yourself , your guy , and your relationshipship . I wish you all the best .