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A copper heat sink offers the passive exchange of heat into a fluid medium, such as liquid or gas. When placed within a mechanical or electronic device, the heat sink dissipates excess heat that would otherwise damage internal components. In this way, heat sinks cool a range of devices, including but not limited to CPUs, GPUs, and RAM modules.

Skived Heatsink

A skived heatsink refers to a one-piece unit made by skiving. The skiving machine uses a blade to cut a raised bed of material into ultra-thin fins, with the option of creating an extremely high fin-to-gap ratio. This skived fin heat sink maintains a uniform weight and dissipates more heat because of the lack of joints in the design.

Laptop Copper Heatsink

Below describes the function of heatsinks in personal computers.

A high-powered GPU unit requires a Copper GPU Heatsink. GPU is an acronym for graphic processing units, a specialized processor that renders graphics of computers. A GPU copper heatsink, which offers high thermal conductivity, provides an efficient way to cool the system, which would otherwise compromise the functioning rate.

Similar to a GPU, a CPU, or central processing unit, produces high heat, making a copper CPU heatsink essential for high-powered computers. A copper RAM heatsink attaches to RAM devices that process data. Options include passive or active units, such as water- or air-cooled heat spreaders.

Every motherboard contains a VRM, or voltage regulator module, which manages the power from the PSU to the power cable. Thus, a copper VRM heatsink reduces the temperature, without which most units would be subject to overheating.

Copper Pipe Heat Sink

Unlike a skived heatsink, a copper tube heat sink contains various sealed copper pipes. The heat dissipates as it travels through the tube through capillary action. This process makes cooling faster and more efficient than passive designs. As a result, many highly-powered machines and electronic devices come equipped with this design.

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