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* Pre-sale: According to email communication or further more communication to make sure the details about the machine. * After-sale: We can install the machine in your factory, but the cost of accommodation, air ticket, and technician fee will be on your account. When you get the machines, you operate on basic of operation instruction and video.

The tank body and pipe are carried out mirror polishing, which is in complete accordance with GMP standard The vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being sanitary and aseptic. The vacuum sucking material adopted can avoid dust, especially for the powder products According to technological requirements, the tank can heat and cool the material. The heating method can be chose to steam or electric heating according to customer requirements The advanced electric control system adopt PLC control, which is equipped with color touch screen to completely supervise the data of material temperature, blending and homogenizing rotation speed and time etc.

Basic Functions: homogenize, mix, emulsify, heat and cool Optional device: i. Tank bottom installed homogenizer or inline homogenizer ii. automatic load cell system or not viii.

We devote to all-round service of all the products from shipment to maintenance. 3. If you have any problems, we will help to solve on line in first time. 4.Our products have CE and ISO certificate, they are of good quality with lower price.

Pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, cosmetics, biotechnology and other industries Selection Selection Reference. Beer fermentation tank Used as storage and fermentation tank in wine,dairy etc industries. ♦ Provide drawings according to your requirements after we get your company information.

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Shop for cosmetics equipment. at Alibaba.com to fill a factory floor and keep efficiency high. Many different types are available for making everything from lipsticks to powder makeup. Purchase cosmetics equipment. and maintain a production line moving quickly with automation will also help reduce labor costs. Manufacture safe and colorful products quickly and cheaply while building up an entire brand. Some devices can even be repurposed for food or medicine production.

Various cosmetics equipment. can be found, including machines that can fill lipstick tubes. Other models are capable of producing different types of creams or mixing and pressing powder into eye-shadow. Most designs are built with simple controls that are easy for workers to learn. Sturdy stainless steel parts help ensure each machine can work for a long time without the need for excessive repairs and maintenance.

Get cosmetics equipment. at Alibaba.com and browse many suppliers with excellent customer service options. Choose between different power requirements to help keep energy usage within a manageable range. With various weights and designs to choose from, it is easy to find a model that will fit the intended facility without trouble. Some suppliers offer multiple machines together in a set, allowing a full-sized production line to be set up right away.

With great cosmetics equipment. points at Alibaba.com, companies can stick to a budget when making all kinds of quality makeup and beauty products. Find different models that can be set up for operations of all sizes. Browse cosmetics equipment. and find exactly the right machine needed to make something customers will love.