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A chef's coat is often called an apron and was originally created because chefs were often cooking over big stoves and flames, it was therefore seen as a safety measure to wear one but these days there are many uses for a custom chef coat. One thing is for sure, they continue to be a popular choice, and in some cases a requirement to wear as a professional chef.

Usages and functions

If someone is cooking and they want to help prevent their clothing from staining, collecting dirt and dust, then using a custom chef jacket would be appropriate. It can help preserve your clothing from spills and might provide a small barrier if something hot where to otherwise get on your customers' clothing.

Many professional chefs will need to use a chef jacket as this is the main uniform of a chef, being able to personalize their chef coat can help easily identify the chef. There are lots of different industries that need custom chef coats such as: bakery staff, chefs, juice and smoothie makers, caterers, servers.

The demand for personalized chef coats are not solely for industry professionals. Many cooking enthusiasts find it useful to have a chef apron to hand for many reasons. A novice or cooking enthusiast may want to feel more professional or protect their clothing. They may have a real passion for cooking or want to use it to cater their own small dinner parties, and the chef coat can be used by everyone in the household. Consumers looking for an industry feel white chef coat can also find a good selection at Alibaba.com and they may want this for fancy dress, outdoor events and more.

Materials and style

You can find long sleeved and short sleeved chef coats on the site, where you will have access to a variety of materials including chef aprons made with polyester, cotton, and nylon. Whether customers want chef coats for men, women, wait staff, or to order sets, Alibaba.com supplies these and more. Go plain with a simple white chef jacket, or choose a button up chef jacket, both available to purchase.

Choosing a chef coat is simple due to the choice of colours available to distributors, go traditional with a white chef coat or pick a black chef coat dependent on style, uniform requirements, and use. The black and white colours of chef coat are amongst a few options you can access on Alibaba.com.

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