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Small-scale designers and business buyers often struggle to find suppliers who can produce the type of clothing they wish to sell. Fortunately, Alibaba.com allows business buyers & designers to deal with those who can turn their brands and designs into fruition through customizable dresses.

Some of the custom-made dresses found on the platform

Some suppliers have a wide variety of pre-made dresses that buyers can choose from. These dresses are usually fully furnished already, but buyers can have their brands embedded into any of these. Some of the more common designs are made for seasons like summer and floral, while some designs are made with solid colors solely. This can cost anywhere from $4 to $15 per set, not usually requiring a minimum purchase.

Additionally, custom-made dresses for either casual or formal occasions are also found through Alibaba.com. Casual dresses come in various designs, sizes, & lengths as well. These customizable dresses online can come in elegant or even streetwear designs; either way, these are fashionable & customizable as desired by buyers. Some of the commonly found types are tie-dyed dress shirts, digital print sexy dresses, or even sleeveless embroidered dresses. Mini dresses with customizable logos are also available here. Customizable knitted office dresses are also in stock. These various types of dresses cost around $8 to $25 per piece, with a minimum purchase of anywhere from 50 to 100 pieces.

Furthermore, some of suppliers also offer fully customized dresses. Designers can deal with them directly to have their designs turned into actual dresses. Whether the style is vintage, streetwear, formal, or casual, suppliers can take these bulk orders from designers and business buyers. Consequently, they can also choose from various fabrics for their designs. More so, their brand logo can also be fixed on these dresses. This service could cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per piece, with a minimum purchase ranging anywhere from 50 to 60 pieces.

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