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Custom keyboard keycaps are replaceable keyboard caps for mechanical keyboards. Choose from various custom keycap maker venders at Alibaba.com.

Custom keycap set are pre-made or order-made designs for mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have easy-to-remove keycaps and are composed of a stem, spring, and base. Pressing the key activates the switch with a clicking sound and sends the signal faster. Custom artisan keycaps can improve the aesthetics of the keyboard by adding new colors and designs. And for hot-swappable keyboards, the switches can even be interchanged for a different sound, like from red switches to blue switches.

What are the types of custom keycaps for keyboard?

Custom keyboard caps may be classified by the type of plastic. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) keycaps are common, affordable, and have a soft touch. However, they form a greasy shine upon usage and have a shorter lifespan. Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) keycaps are durable, textured, and higher in quality. But, there is no better keyboard type and may depend on the user's preference for the texture. If the base keyboard has RGB lighting, custom backlit keycaps are recommended. Double-shot keycaps are a type of double-lit keycap, and they are made of two-piece plastic to pass the lights on each key. Pudding keycaps are another type that illuminates the lights even on the sides of the keys.

How do you install custom mechanical keyboard keycaps?

Before installation, check whether the replaced keyboard caps custom are compatible to the board. Then, first, remove the old keycaps from the keyboard. Mechanical keyboards may come with a wire or a plastic keycap puller at purchase. The removal can be done with fingers, but using a wire puller damages the keycaps less. Clean the internal keyboard with a mini vacuum or a soft toothbrush. Install the new custom mechanical keycaps by slipping in. Space bars are larger than other keycaps, their alignment needs to carefully match the non-switch holes.

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