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Custom press on nails have become a growing trend but it all started in 1954 when Fred Slack broke his finger nail at work and created an artificial nail as a temporary replacement. Eventually Fred and his brother, Tom, made a successful artificial nail and started their own company. This trend has continued to be a popular craze throughout years, being very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, and up to today. Google searches for press-on nails have grown by 32.2% in the past year through June 2021. The artificial nails industry is witnessing a high growth rate. The artificial nails market forecast predicts a growth rate of 4.85% with a market value projected to reach 2.23 billion by 2030. Make the most of this growing market by stocking up on custom press on nails and handmade press on nails at Alibaba.com today!

Wholesalers offer a wide selection of different custom press-ons ranging from extra long coffin styles to short simple square styles. Custom press on nails are available in a broad collection of styles and shapes. From almond, coffin, square, and stilett, there are press on nails ideal to fit all of your customer preferences. These stylish and trendy nails also come in a vast selection of colors and designs.

What is a custom press on nail?

Press on nails, also known as custom glue on nails, are artificial, acrylic nails that are already made into their shape, style, pattern, color and design. Your customers only have to apply the press on nail onto their natural nail with nail glue for a stylish finish.

What is the purpose of a custom press on nail?

Custom press on nails wholesale are a great fun way to add some spice into your customers' lives, making their nails appear longer, stylish and chic. Custom acrylic press on nails will never lose their shape or shine. They won't even chip! In addition, if one were to fall off, it could easily be putback on by prepping the nail with alcohol, filing down the edges and gluing it back on. Press on nails custom can also be easily stored away when not in use — simply put them in custom press on nail boxes.

Choose custom fake nails, custom press on nail packaging, and more at Alibaba.com for great prices and beautiful nails for your customers today.

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