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Custom scrubs are clothing worn by medical professionals: surgeons, doctors, medical technologists, and nurses. The scrubs consist of custom scrub tops and pants or custom scrub jackets and pants. Depending on the nature of the work and duties, some, like surgical scrubs, consist of custom surgical cups. Scrubs are available in many styles and colors: green, lilac, walnut, maroon, navy blue, grey, and more.

Why Do Medical Personnel Embroider Their Scrubs?

Scrub jacket embroidery is often done to express individuality or personal touch. Nonetheless, most medical centers purchase personalized scrubs to make it easier for patients to identify various medical personnel. Usually, medical personnel wears scrubs based on the nature of the services they offer. Therefore, having scrub tops embroidered helps each one of them stand out. The embroidery usually includes the credentials, department, and the medical officer’s name. Moreover, most hospitals get custom scrubs with logo to differentiate a specific medical institution uniform.

What Should Buyers Consider When Buying Custom Scrubs?

When buying scrubs for sale, buyers should pay attention to the pockets. Most medical personnel must carry items they require to use regularly, such as gauze, stethoscopes, alcohol pads, bandages, and scissors. Additionally, buyers should get scrubs with distinct colors. Some hospitals have color codes to distinguish seniority levels and departments. Buyers should also get scrubs and accessories fit for different medical professions, such as custom nursing jackets for nurses. More importantly, buyers should get scrubs made of stain-resistant materials, for cleanliness is paramount in the medical field.

Why Do Medical Personnel Wear Scrubs?

Medical personnel wears scrubs to help create and maintain a sterile healthcare environment. Personalized scrub caps and personalized scrub jackets allow easy identification of medical professionals. Also, scrubs protect doctors, nurses, and surgeons from harmful substances. Some scrubs also have exclusive features essential for medical professionals, such as bungee loops, moisture-wicking technology, and plenty of pockets. Further, most healthcare facilities demand their employees to wear scrubs as part of the institution’s dress code.

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