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Custom scrunchies are a popular product for both girls and women. The nostalgic and effortless style lends itself to the athleisure trend that is seen everywhere. Not only popular among the masses, but celebrities are also sporting personalized scrunchies proving they are a fashionable accessory.

What are the different types of scrunchies?

Custom hair scrunchies come in a variety of styles and sizes. Casual scrunchies are great for everyday wear or trips to the gym. Scrunchies made of more luxurious materials such as tulle or velvet can be worn for dressier occasions such as date nights and parties. Silk and satin scrunchies have gained popularity because they are gentle on the hair and are touted as having smoothing properties. Scrunchies can also be customized to have multiple layers, bows and other decorative objects sewn into them.

Businesses looking to market to a female audience should consider investing in custom logo scrunchies or consider designing your own scrunchie to build brand awareness. Businesses can connect with to design a style that matches their overall aesthetic, taking into consideration fabric, color, shape and the addition of logos. Brand visibility has one of the highest returns on investment, therefore purchasing wholesale custom scrunchies is a strong marketing opportunity. Aside from retail businesses, schools, athletic teams and clubs can stand apart by wearing custom scrunchies, creating an instantly recognizable symbol of their affiliation.

What is so special about custom-printed scrunchies?

Custom-made scrunchies are better for your hair than traditional hair ties. Hair ties can cause breakage more easily, but on a scrunchie, the layer of fabric between the elastic band and the wearer's head creates a soft barrier that protects the hair from direct friction. Additionally, a scrunchie does not have to be worn as tightly as a standard hair tie which means that it is less likely to leave a kink in the hair when taken down.

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