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To enjoy the game of darts, you need to have a complete set of dart equipment. This includes the darts and a dartboard. Darts are made up of a flight, tip, barrel, and shaft. A tip is the section of the dart that sticks into the board. This part is made of plastic which bends easily. Therefore, when playing, it is advisable to have a spare. The barrel is an essential element since it defines the dart's center of gravity. You need to choose a dart stand based on the barrel's weight and grip. A shaft is a section that you can use to regulate your dart's length and weight. Finally, the flight acts like the dart's wings, and it helps in stabilizing the dart.

A dashboard is majorly made of sisal fibers, a cork, and boar bristles. A standard dart stand is divided into 20 equal sections using thin metal structures. These sections are also numbered using the same material, but some manufactures prefer printing the numbers. A dart stand has connected wires and staples known as spiders. They are made of steel so that a standard dart to prevent darts from penetrating through them. Once the dart touches the spiders, it bounces back, and the player will be denied a point. Nowadays, most manufacturers prefer imprinting these spiders into the board to alleviate this problem. However, some have created electronic dartboards to address the issue. The major benefit of electronic dashboards is that you don't have to check the score manually. This is because it has a sensor.

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