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About dc powered air conditioner

What is a DC powered air conditioner?

A DC-powered air conditioner is an air conditioner that runs on direct current power. Instead of running on the house's power, which is AC power, the DC air conditioner runs on separate power sources, such as on battery banks or solar panels, depending on the model and intended use. Central air conditioning generally runs on AC power, while smaller wall and window air conditioner units run on DC power.

How is DC electric power different from AC electric power?

Electrical power comes in either AC or DC. AC, or alternating current, is the power that comes out of a house's electrical socket. AC power travels in waves and often changes direction. It also travels much farther than DC power. DC, or direct current, is the power that comes from batteries, solar power, fuel cells, etc. It is electric power that travels in a straight line and is more consistent than AC power. It does not, however, travel as far. Most electronics run on DC power and use converters to change the AC power from the wall into DC power for their use. Even though AC-powered air conditioners are stronger and more powerful, they still use DC-powered compressors due to DC power's efficiency.

Different types

DC-powered air conditioners can come with different power sources. Some DC-powered air conditioners can be powered with batteries. Other varieties include solar DC air conditioners and 48v DC mini splits. There are even DC air conditioners that are intended for vehicles. 12v van AC units, 12 v car AC, mabru 12v marine air conditioners are all options for different types of vehicles. DC-powered air conditioners also come in different voltages. Aircon 12 volt is the most common but others such as 48v DC air conditioners and 24v DC air conditioners can also be found.