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        Q: What is the difference between Cable 2.5 SQ MM and Cable 2.5 MM 2 ...?
A: Needs more detailed information ie is it armored cable . Try manufacturers internet sites for details of cable.Also diameter can are different from the make to make . 

Q: How did they create solar power?
A: Your issue is ambiguous , then who engendered solar energy , God or the big bang , you chose . Fusion in the heart of stars creates solar energy .  Who engendered solar panel :  1839 :  Nineteen-year-old Edmund Becquerel , a French experimental physicist , discovered the photographvoltaic effect whilst experimenting with an electrolytic cell made up of two metal electrodes . 1873 :  Willoughby Smith discovered the photographconductivity of selenium .  1876 :  Adams and Day observed the photographvoltaic effect in solid selenium .  1883 :  Charles Fritts , an American inventor , described the firstly solar cells made from selenium wafers .  1887 :  Heinrich Hertz have found that uv lighting changing the lowest voltage capable of arousing a spark to jump between two metal electrodes .  1904 :  Hallwachs have found that a mix of copper and cuprous oxide was photosensitive . Einstein published his paper on the photographelectric effects .  1914 :  The existence of a obstacle layer in PV devices was reported .  1916 :  Millikan provided experimental evidence of the photographelectric effects .  1918 :  Polish scientist Czochralski developed a way to growth single-crystal silicon .  1923 :  Albert Einstein received such Nobel Prize for his theories elucidating the photographelectric effects .  1951 :  A grown p-n junction allowed the of producing a single-crystal cell of germanium .  1954 :  The PV effect in Cd was reported ; primary work was fulfilis headed by Rappaport , Loferski and Jenny at RCA . Bell Labs scholars Pearson , Chapin , and Fuller reported their discovery of 4.5 percent effective silicon solar cells ; such was risen to six percent solely a couple of months later ( by a work team including Mort Prince ) . Chapin , Fuller , Pearson ( AT & amp ; T ) communicated their results to the Journal of Applied Physics . AT & amp ; T demonstrated solar cells in Murray Hill , New Jersey was later at the National Academy of Science Meeting in Washington , DC .  1955 :  Western Electric to commence sell commercial licences for silicon PV technologies ; earlier successful products included PV-powered dollar bill changers and devices that decoded computer punch card and tape . Bell System 's manifestation of the type P rural carrier system beginning in Americus , Georgia . Hoffman Electronics 's Semiconductor Division announces a commercial PV product at two percent efficacy ; cost at $ 25/cell and at 14 mW each , the costss of energy was $ 1500/W .  1956 :  Bell System 's manifestation of the type P rural carrier system been suspended after 5 months .  1957 :  Hoffman Electronics achieved 8 percent effective cells . `` Solar Energy Converting Apparatus , '' patent # 2,780,765 was published to Chapin , Fuller , and Pearson , AT & amp ; T.  1958 :  Hoffman Electronics achieved nine percent effective PV cells . Vanguard I , the firstly PV-powered satellite , was initiated in working with the U.S. Signal Corp . The satellite power system operated for eight years .  1959 :  Hoffman Electronics achieved 10 percent efficient , commercially accessible PV cells and showedd the u.s.ed of a grid contact in order to substantially decrease series resistance . Explorer-6 was begins with a PV array of 9600 cells , each solely 1 centimeters x 2 cm .  1960 :  Hoffman Electronics achieved 14.0 per cent effective PV cells .  Read more at around.com   Earlier usages of solar power :  seventh Century B.C .  Magnifying glass employed to concentrate sun ’ s rays to make fire and to burn ants .  3rd Century B.C .  Greeks and Romans be utilized incinerating mirrored to light torches for religious purposes .  second Century B.C .  As earlier as 212 BC , the Greek scientist , Archimedes , usage the reflective  properties of bronze shields be concentrated sunshine and to set fire to wooden vessels  from the Roman Empire which were besieging Syracuse . ( Although no evidence  of such a feat exist , the Greek navy recreated the experiment in 1973 and  successfully set fire to a wooden vessel at a distance of 50 metre . )  20 A.D.  Chinese document used of incinerating mirrored to light torches for religious  purposes .  1st to 4th Century A.D.  The well-known Roman bathhouses in the first of all to 4th centuries A.D. han enormous  south confronting windows to let in the sun ’ s warmth . For an example , seen info  on the http : //www.hum.huji.ac.il/archaeology/zi ... Zippori in  the Roman Period from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem .  6th Century A.D.  Sunrooms on housings and public buildings were so common that the Justinian  Code initiation “ sun rights ” to guarantee individual accessing to the sun .  1200s A.D.  Ancestors of Pueblo people called Anasazi in North America lives in south-facing  cliff dwellings that capture the winter sun .  1767  Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure was credited with build the world ’ s first  solar collector , later employed by Sir John Herschel to cook food during his South Africa  expedition in the 1830s . See the Solar Cooking Archive for more detailed information on  http : //solarcooking.org/saussure.htm Sassure and His Hot Boxes of the seventeen00s .  1816  On September twenty-seven , 1816 , Robert Stirling filed an application for a patent for his economiser  at the Chancery in Edinburgh , Scotland . By trade , Robert Stirling were in fact  a minister in the 

Q: How would one calculate the solar power generated from PV solar cells?
A: An inverter by definition is a device to conversion DC to AC . It are generally used so that you are able use a transformer to alter the voltage of a DC source . Sometimes an inverter utilized , simply to conversion DC to 60 Hz AC so that household appliances can use the DC output of a battery of solar cells .   I ca n't think why there ought to be one in a Solar Powered Calculator . My calculator never ha one . It simply ha its solar cells organizing so that when is subjected to lighting they produced the accurate voltage to charge the battery . Calculators run on DC .