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What is a deep fryer oil filter machine?

A deep fryer oil filter machine is a piece of machinery that works with a deep fryer. It removes impurities in the oil that was used to deep fry foods. With this machine, the oil can be used for a longer period of time without changing. Some commercial fryers come with filtration systems that are attached and some come separately. Portable fryer oil filter machines are also available.

How does it work?

After frying food in a deep fryer, the oil that was used can have impurities such as fatty acids and sediment. Commercial deep fryer oil filters are set up underneath commercial deep fryers. The unfiltered oil is pumped down into the oil filter. The oil then goes through a filtration process that separates the it from the sediment. Commercial fryer oil filters are made of microfiber filter paper. The oil passes through the filter paper, catching the impurities and leaving clean oil. Depending on the model, some deep fryer filter machines can filter the oil up and back into the fryer.

What can deep fryer oil filter machines be used for?

Commercial deep fryer filter machines are most often used in restaurants. Restaurant fryer oil filters are generally stronger and larger than portable or home versions. Commercial deep fryer oil filter machines keep the oil clean so that it may be used over and over again. Filtered oil can be used twice as long as unfiltered oil. This saves the restaurant money that would have been spent buying oil frequently. Commercial fryer filter machines also ensure that there is a consistent flavor in the food that is fried in the oil, as the impurities will not contaminate future fried foods. There are also smaller, more portable versions that could be used for food trucks or homes.

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