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Dental putty is used in dentistry to make teeth impressions for patients. The most commonly used dental putty impression material today is silicone dental putty. Dental putty is also called Polyvinyl Siloxane or PVS for short. People also refer to it as Vinyl Polysiloxane.

What is dental putty used for?

Dental putty for impressions is used in a number of ways. Dentists use dental putty for a broken tooth, to make tooth models, and for tooth reconstruction. Dental putty is also used in making tooth crowns, bridges, and prosthetics. Dental putty for braces helps protect the patient’s gums from the metal edges of the braces. This dental putty can be smoothened onto the braces that irritate the patient’s gums. They stick to the braces and relieve the irritation by creating a buffer between the braces and gums. Dental putty beads are used to make fake teeth. They can be used for fun or for professional treatment as dental putty for a missing tooth. Clear dental putty is made from transparent fluid for a more natural look.

How to apply dental putty

You first need to distribute the dental putty into a metal tray or a plastic tray. Next, place the tray onto the patient’s teeth so that their teeth are submerged in the patty. Then hold the tray there for about three to five minutes to allow the dental putty to set. Finally, remove the tray and putty from the patient’s teeth and send the impression to a dental laboratory for further testing and treatment.

In case you are wondering how to soften dental putty, it is simple. Dental putty responds to warm and hot temperatures. Place the dental putty beads in your hand and rub your hands together. You will notice the dental putty getting smoother. For a dentist, pour hot water onto the dental putty and then retrieve it with gloved hands from the water after about a minute. The putty will be soft and moldable. Alibaba.com features a host of dental putty suppliers from around the world.

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