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What are sunglasses?

Sunglasses are glasses whose lenses are polarized so as to block much of the sun's light and make it easier to see. It also protects the eyes from UV rays. The lenses of sunglasses must be made specifically with protection in mind, as lenses that are simply dark do not block the UV light from the sun. Some brands offer designing your own sunglasses wholesale. Whether a buyer is allowed to design their own sunglasses varies from seller to seller. Most sellers allow the buyer to create their own sunglasses with a logo. Some higher-end sellers allow brands to design their own sunglasses line.

Why are sunglasses customized?

Companies may want to customize sunglasses to use them as promotional materials for their brand. This is also true for events. Individuals might want to customize sunglasses for personal style and taste. A person might want to customize or emulate a brand they like, such as designing their own raybans or creating their own Oakley sunglasses.

What types of sunglasses are available?

There are many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs when building your own sunglasses. The shape of the lens can vary from brand to brand. Rectangular, round, and oval are the most common sunglasses shapes. Aviator-style sunglasses have been popular since 1935. Some brands allow the customization of the lens shape. The frame shape, too, can often be customized. The material of the frame varies from brand to brand. Plastic and metal are the most common types.

How do you customize your own sunglasses?

How sunglasses are customized depends on the brand selling them and the style that the buyer wants. When creating your own sunglasses, the placement of the logo or design should be kept in mind. The frame can be screen printed with a logo or etched. A small logo made also be etched into the corner of the lens. The placement of the logo is important when designing your own sunglasses with a logo.

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