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Before you start using a dia sorter, there are things the operator should consider for a smooth process. Make sure that all the connected parts are in good working order, including the transmission belt. All moving parts should also be properly lubricated so they can move freely. Moreover, before putting rice into the milling machine, remove all stones and iron since these particles may damage it. Also, make sure the rice has the recommended moisture content to avoid spoiling the machine and efficient processing.

When buying a wholesale dia sorter, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind including space, capacity, hours of operation, price, and availability of spare parts. Space is an important factor to consider when buying a dia sorter. The size of the machine you choose should fit in your room and leave some space for the machine operator. Another important factor to consider is the availability of the spare part. Certain parts of a rice miller like the rice huller screen and the whitening cylinder wear and tear over time due to friction between the rice grains and these parts. Therefore, you may need to replace them regularly. Also, consider the capacity of the dia sorter before deciding to buy one. If you are processing rice on a large scale, buy a bigger one.

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