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easy and quick assembling PUXIN portable small home biogas plant Technical Data: Minimum Ambient Temperature 10 °C Biogas Booster Pump 15W ± 10% Space of green house 3.4m3 Volume of digester 1.7m3 Volume of gas storage 1.3m3 Output Biogas and Clean natural liquid fertilizer Gas Pressure 0.12 bar Gas Flow ± 36 L/min Size of filter (desulfurizer) 1L Weight (empty) 85 KG Dimensions (L*W*H) 156*120*195cm Waste Treatment Capacity: Raw material Maximum(Kg/d) Food waste 25 Pig manure 45 Cow manure 60 Chicken manure 26 Human manure 32 Vegetable 65

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digester management systems refers to unique items and machinery used for agricultural waste disposal. The sophisticated engineering is designed to dispose of agricultural waste in an eco-friendly manner. Ironically, most digester. are easily overlooked mostly because of their use and benefits for food production on the farm. Alibaba.com offers an impressive collection of agricultural waste management systems perfectly suited for slaughterhouses, farms, harvest wastes, poultry houses.

Most of these revolutionary digester. management systems such as waste incinerators use combustion as a waste disposal method by burning waste at high temperatures. These incinerators units are built using eco-friendly designs, ensuring no black smoke or smell is produced during the complete combustion process; thus, the byproduct of the disposal process created is harmless to the environment.

Alibaba.com offers different digester. management system ranging from agricultural incinerators with the likes of animal incinerators perfect for on-site farm waste disposal. For something that is easily flexible and adaptable to the need, the site offers various top-class disposal units for both general and agricultural waste, all offered by the best suppliers, manufacturerss, and distributors.

Explore mindblowing digester. on Alibaba.com and enjoy a wide variety of units offered by reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the market. These products bear sustainable warranties, and some dealers also provide aftersales services and technical support. enhance the waste management process of commercial farms with this industry-grade accessories.