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If you are running a fireplace store or other related business, you would do well to provide an adequate range of different discount fireplace mantels and components for your customers.

Fireplace inserts are self-contained units that burn gas, wood or pellets to create fire. They can be used for many types of discount fireplace mantels. As an important component for any fire to start, it may be good for you to sell wholesale discount fireplace mantels or include it among your offerings.

For retail stores and commercial spaces or events with more specialised tastes, they may also look out for wood stoves or pellet stoves, or even outdoor fireplaces. These are less common than brick fireplaces, tiled fireplaces, ordinary wood fireplaces, stacked stone fireplaces or electric fireplaces, and it is up to you to consider if you would like to cater to this market.

The electric fireplace market in particular is growing especially big. The market size is expected to reach around USD 4800 million in 2024, and is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% at the moment. This demonstrates a potentially large demand for electric wall fireplaces rather than ventless gas fireplaces.

Another component of the discount fireplace mantels to consider is the surrounding aesthetic and structure. There are decorative fireplaces that are completely faux, as well as real painted brick fireplaces, whitewashed brick fireplaces, stone fireplaces and more. Each of these options can provide a totally different look and feel to a home.

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