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Disk brake

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About disk brake

There are various types of disk brake. Some of them include rim brakes, v-brakes, and disc brakes. A rim brake works in a simple way. It controls the bicycle's speed by exerting pressure on the wheel's rim using a lever on the handlebar. These brakes are strong, light, inexpensive, and simple to use. A V-brake is a type of cantilever brake also referred to as a linear-pull brake. These disk brake function by mounting on the same frame's bosses, and their arms are usually lengthy. One arm holds the cable, while the other holds the cable casing. When it comes to a disc brake, the main component is a metal disc mounted on the wheel's hub. This brake works when a caliper with two brake pads squeezes the rotor and stops the wheel. This bicycle brake offers several advantages, including remarkable performance in all weather conditions. It also allows you to choose the braking force.

In addition to the rim, disc, and v-brakes, there are also drum brakes. A lever on the handlebars activates drum brakes. This braking system uses both rods and cables. Its gears are often found in the rear hub, although they can also be found at the front hub. Maintaining these disk brake is quite easy, and they provide consistent braking in different weather conditions. Their main drawback is that they are bulky compared to disc and rim brakes. Their operating system is also sophisticated and is less effective.

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