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disperse blue 359

Structure:C20H12N2O6 strength:200% Color:Deep blue powder light:6-7;Perspiration:5;washing:5 Use:Polyester dyeing printing 1 YELLOW SE-G 100% Y3 25KGS CARTONS 2 YELLOW E-3G 200% Y54 25KGS CARTONS 3 YELLOW S-3G 200% Y64 25KGS CARTONS 4 BRILL YELLOW C-5G 200% Y119 25KGS CARTONS 5 BRILL YELLOW C-4G 200% Y211 25KGS CARTONS 6 ORANGE E-RL 200% O25 25KGS CARTONS 7 ORANGE 3GL 200% O29 25KGS CARTONS 8 ORANGE S-2RFL 100% O30 25KGS CARTONS 9 ORANGE S-3RFL 200% O44 25KGS CARTONS 10 ORANGE REL 200% O61 25KGS CARTONS 11 ORANGE R-SF 200% O73 25KGS CARTONS 12 SCARLET B 200% R1 25KGS CARTONS 13 RUBINE 2B 200% R13 25KGS CARTONS 15 SCARLET S-ER 200% R50 25KGS CARTONS 16 SCARLET S-3GFL 100% R54 25KGS CARTONS 17 RED FB 200% R60 25KGS CARTONS 18 RED 4RB 200% R73 25KGS CARTONS 19 RED R 100% R74 25KGS CARTONS 20 SCARLET BS 200% R152 25KGS CARTONS 21 SCARLET GS 200% R153 25KGS CARTONS 22 RUBINE SE-GL 200% R167 25KGS CARTONS 23 RUBINE 5BL 100% R167 25KGS CARTONS 24 BRILL RED FRL 200% R177 25KGS CARTONS 25 RED G 100% R277 25KGS CARTONS 26 RED F3BS 100% R343 25KGS CARTONS 27 RED F3BS 150% R343 25KGS CARTONS 28 VIOLET H-FRL 100% V26 25KGS CARTONS 29 VIOLET RL 200% V28 25KGS CARTONS 30 VIOLET S-3RL 200% V63 25KGS CARTONS 31 VIOLET BNL -Br 300% V93 25KGS CARTONS 32 BLUE BNG 100% B3 25KGS CARTONS 33 BLUE 2BLN 100% B56 25KGS CARTONS 35 TURQUOISE BLUE S-GL 200% B60 25KGS CARTONS 36 NAVY BLUE S-3BG 200% B79:1 25KGS CARTONS 37 BLUE BBLS 200% B165 25KGS CARTONS 38 BLUE 5R 200% B183 25KGS CARTONS 39 NAVY BLUE EXSF 300% 25KGS CARTONS 40 NAVY BLUE ECO 300% 25KGS CARTONS 41 BLACK EXSF 300% 25KGS CARTONS 42 BLACK ECO 300% 25KGS CARTONS 44 BLACK CCR 300% DYSTAR 25KGS CARTONS 45 BLACK NN-G 300% DYSTAR 25KGS CARTONS 46 BLACK NN 300% DYSTAR 25KGS CARTONS 47 BLACK MAW 300% CIBA 25KGS CARTONS 48 BLACK MAWL 300% CIBA 25KGS CARTONS 49 BLUE BRWL 300% CIBA 25KGS CARTONS 50 RED SD 100% CIBA 25KGS CARTONS 60 Terasil WW series 200% CIBA 25KGS CARTONS 61 Dystar XF series 200% Dystar 25KGS CARTONS

We want to offer the best service with the best prices. shall test the shipment goods every time and keep the test results in our lab. Our lab people doing the dyeing inspection for almost 20years.

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No matter what kind of color you are searching for, brings you a host of distinct colored. disperse blue 359 for your individual requirements. These dye colors are equipped with an enhanced chemical composition that does not let the color fade away any sooner and are available in. disperse blue 359 variants such as azoic dye, ink dyes, thermal dyes and many more depending on your needs. Select the best. disperse blue 359 from the massive collections and color your stuff in the most convenient and preferred way you can. 

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