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Distressed caps have a torn, scratched, or worn-out design. Their development process mostly includes cutting/tearing and acid-washing. Manufacturers produce distressed-style caps by making smaller fibers into a softer, fluffier texture. But these distressed vintage caps are new, and any distressing texture on them would not affect their functions.

Types of distressed caps based on the panels

Based on the panels, distressed hats can be divided into two types: 5-panel distressed caps and 6-panel distressed caps. A 5-panel cap has five separate, triangular panels that are sewn together to cover different parts of the head. It is loose-fitting and is similar to a baseball cap, except that it has 5 panels. 5-panel caps are great for screen printing and logo embroidering as they come without the seam and could easily carry a logo or detailed artwork on the front of the cap. A 6-panel cap is a type of cap with a crown made of six triangular panels combined in a round shape by the sewing process. A 6-panel cap features a wide flat brim with a seam running down the middle of the front of the cap. People of every age prefer this distressed vintage hat.

Types of distressed caps based on the brim

Based on the design of the brim, there are flat-brim hats and curved-brim hats. As the name suggests, a flat-brim cap has a flat brim. It is trendy and is normally worn with the manufacturer sticker attached to the brim to highlight the traits of the distressed cap. The design of the brim protects the wearer's eyes from the direct rays of the sun. It is a new trend to wear brimmed caps. Curved-brim caps have a slight curvature brim that could be further adjusted to fit the wearer's head. Therefore, wearers usually bend the sides of the brim to block sun rays. The curved-brim cap is a time-honored design that won't be replaced by any other hat.

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