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Browse the full range of divided wooden tray options, platters and related serving items and find just the right trays for your business.

One of the must have barware is a bar tray which is designed for carrying glassware, this divided wooden tray is usually made of metal or plastic and sometimes features a non-slip surface to help prevent glasses from slipping. Melamine tray tends to be lighter compared to the ceramic ones. It has delicate porcelain feel and look and is scratch and shatter resistant as well as easy to clean. Rattan tray, a woven tray which is usually brown in color, can be used to serve bread, coffee and snacks.

Are you looking for a wholesale divided wooden tray? Look no further than Alibaba.com. With the continued evolution of mobile phones, you are likely to spend a significant amount to get a new device, and spending a few more dollars on a mobile phone case is well recommended. Like any other mobile phone accessory, a mobile case is a must-have if you seek to improve your device's lifespan. A separate wooden tray is an umbrella term for any protective covers that you attach to the side and back of your gadget to protect it from external physical damage, including scratches and nicks.