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What is a Dog Water Treadmill?

A dog water treadmill is a dog fitness equipment that helps our furry friends stay healthy and recover better after surgery or an injury. Water treadmill therapy is a great way to treat dogs with serious health conditions such as arthritis. Hydro treadmill for dogs can also greatly enhance the cardiovascular health of dogs with the help of low-impact exercises. Dog water treadmills require dogs to use complete motion, without putting pressure on a single limb. Therefore, it is considered a better form of hydrotherapy than swimming. Look for dog water treadmills for sale at

How does a Dog Water Treadmill Work?

Dog underwater treadmills are used in veterinary hospitals and dog rehabilitation centers. The equipment is a regular treadmill inside a tank. There is a door through which the dog can enter the water treadmill. The door is latched, and the water is manually or electronically pumped into the tank. The water is usually filled up to the elbow or shoulder. When the treadmill is started, the dog starts to walk. Since the dog's joints are submerged in water, it helps in conditioning and rehabilitation.

Canine hydrotherapy uses properties of water to rehabilitate dogs. Due to buoyancy, there is less weight and stress on the joints. Water resistance strengthens weak muscles. Temperature-controlled water relaxes joints and muscles. Warm water improves circulation. The water pressure presses against the dog's body and reduces inflammation.

What are the Benefits of Dog Hydrotherapy?

Dog hydrotherapy is used as a treatment option for various conditions such as neurological conditions and joint pain. It keeps the dogs active, restores flexibility, and reduces pain after orthopedic surgery. The water resistance and the controlled speed of the aqua treadmill help athletic pets get trained safely. Dog hydrotherapy at home is performed in pools or hot tubs. is the right place to find water treadmills for dogs at cheap prices.