About products and suppliers:

With our wholesale doll clothes hangers, kids will be able to develop their motor skills while dressing and undressing dolls. These doll accessories promote language development and personality assertion. They also allow children to create a play environment without any imagination limits.

Young children want to take care of their dolls as their parents did for them, that’s why we offer a wide selection of dolls clothes, outfits, dresses, or jumpsuits. The selection includes a wide choice of realistic models. For example, the pushchair can be used to securely attach the doll by its belt, while baby carriages will help protect the doll from the cold. The travel doll & puppy playset is also another popular doll accessory that drags the attention of young kids.

For a unique experience, the horse and farmhouse playset reflects the life in a barn stable, while the doll gymnastics playset provides a tiny glimpse into the life of a gymnast. Through these playsets, the child's imagination can be unlocked and opened to various lifestyles.

Besides the doll clothes hangers related to doll dressing, the toilet and bedtime playset is another interesting option that completes the imagination of kids. With this type of dollhouse furniture, the kids can take a good bath for their dolls using several models of bathtubs with sponges, soapboxes, or shampoo bottles. You will find at alibaba.com trendy models of doll clothes hangers that supports kids’ sensory and emotional development.