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Donuts have become a staple for snacks and desserts. Bakeries and coffee shops have been innovating donuts to satisfy the palate of their consumers. Having said that, the demand to make donuts even more commercially available was a challenge. Thankfully, suppliers have made industrial donut maker machines much more accessible to businesses. One way to find great deals on these is through Alibaba.com

Different types of donut makers at different prices

For commercial uses, a fully automatic industrial donut maker is capable of mass producing donuts from dough to frostings. This comes with massive mixers and fryers. Bigger machines can manufacture approximately 300 to 1,200 donuts. These are commonly gas powered. Its price ranges anywhere from $1,900 to $2,000 per unit, with a minimum purchase of five units.

Smaller industrial machines would produce a lesser number of donuts, yet with the same decent quality. These could cost anywhere from $700 to $1,900 per set, with no minimum purchase mandated. Hence, the bigger the machine is, the more capable it could be in producing donuts on a massive scale. Some machines are also capable of making mini donuts. Essentially, these are smaller donuts with the same exact flavors, frostings, or fillings. The price of this type ranges anywhere from $300 to $550 per unit, with no minimum purchase required.

There are other types of donut maker machines suitable for some businesses which need to daily produce quite a number of donuts, but do not necessarily require massive daily production. While a smaller automatic donut maker machine can be used, these shops can also opt to choose from a wide selection of manual donut makers. This may either be gas or electric powered. The only difference is that it could only make fewer donuts, approximately 4 to 15 pieces, per batch. It resembles a waffle maker machine with a non-stick surface. Additionally, donuts produced by these machines may come in different shapes due to their varying molds. The price of this type ranges somewhere from $50 to $300, with no minimum purchase needed. Donut machines for home are also available.

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