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It can be fun to dress nicely for work or fancy social events, but layered hoodies are often the go-to garment for more informal situations. Whether you have one or several, you should always consider adding to your closet.

What is a Layered Hoodie?

You may be familiar with standard hoodies, so what differentiates a layered hoodie? Basically, it includes an extra covering. A typical layered hoodie outfit consists of a long-sleeved shirt or even a smaller hoodie beneath a larger hoodie. Another option for a layered hoodie look is to put on a jacket over it; jean, leather, or suede usually work well. Either way, it's a popular look, so layered hoodies have it built in. They are sewed specifically to appear as though you're wearing something underneath or over it. Hoodies like these can be plain, but they often have images and/or quotes on them. Sometimes, they can be customized.

What are the Advantages of a Layered Hoodie?

If the winters are freezing where you live, then a double layered hoodie or a layered hoodie jacket would be a great way to stay warm, cozy, and comfortable. The material is thick, soft, and roomy, so it retains heat well without irritating your skin or feeling too tight. It's easy to move around while wearing a hoodie; you can cook, eat, clean, play games, or go for walks without constantly adjusting or fixing your clothes. If you're outside, putting on the hood effectively keeps your head and neck warm in addition to protecting your hair from rain or snow. Also, since the layered style is fashionable, you can feel confident in your appearance while relaxing around other people. Wear it while you're hanging out at home after a long day or during a casual visit with your loved ones. On top of all this, they are easy to wash and dry. There's rarely any need to take them to a professional dry cleaner or follow special instructions for cleaning them yourself.

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