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        Q: Physics bungee drop help??!?
A: Have is trying tos bungy jumping ? If not , I recommend it . By the way , A.J . Hackett has altered the orthography ( superseded the ee for y ) when he engendered / popularized the sport .   Hitting the low point eight more times in 35.4 s. Thus the time period ( T ) ( the time for one oscillation )  is provided by   T = 35.4 s / 8 = 4.425 s   Get out your texts book and dust it off and look under Simple Harmonic Motion . The period of mass on a spring is provided by   T = 2π [ m/k ] ^0.5 where m is the mass and k is the spring constant .   In your problem , m is granted to be 67 kilogram . We already found the time period , T. I trust that you are able find k.   The 2nd issue is to find the unstretched length of the bungy cord . Well , it will be lower  than 25.0 m ( because the cord is 25.0 m longer with the 67 kilograms hanging from it ) .   When dangling from the bungy cord , the 10sion in the cord equals the strength of severity   mg = T = kx where k discovered to above . x is the amount the cord is stretched . m is the 67 kilogram and g is the acceleration due to severity . So , you are able find x . After you find x , you subtract x from 25 m to find the unstretched length .   Unstretched length = 25 - x   TaDa ! Not as much fun as Bungy Jumping , but fun is , however ! 

Q: What's mean the power cord?
A: 120 volt 60 Hz is the electricity needed for the input . The output power is negligible in determing what lead you 'll need . I mean im guessing you in america because you use 120 V , so any little lead like the one that goes into your toaster for example . Its called 3 core flex . But of course youll need the small slot part which goes into the back of the radio . I think you can purchase them too to wire onto the end of your flex . Ask radioschack they will be aware what to do ; D 

Q: What is that bungee-like drawstring cord at the bottom of my jacket actually called?
A: Sounds like you are speak about a drawstring and cordlock .   Some of the accessible styles of cordlocks following website/www.strapworks.com/SearchResults ... .   Most general fabric storing will have at the very least one styling of cordlock and thereforemething that are able to utilise for drawstrings , although it wo n't have aiglets ( the shoelace ends ) on the drawstring , most probably .   Before we ha cordlocks , we just knotted drawstrings , and unknotted them when it was necessaryed them looser .