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        Q: What Go Kart engine to use?
A: a Brigg 's 5hp will work , , or a 50cc honda will work good or more speeding try a eighty cc or 100cc it all depends what your going to do now with it going to racing it subsequently two chain saws engine work huge . wont it only for fun the go with 5 hp or the 50cc will be find 

Q: Mario kart 64 soundboard?
A: The Sneakster is ok . It is pretty faster rate however , it has bad acceleration and handling .   If you use automated , the most suitableest medium vehicle 's using is the dolphin dasher . It is a small , bit sluggish ... ... but it 's good acceleration , good offroads and good handling . The problem is , you might not have unblocked this bicycle yet . I forget when you unlock it - but this is either when your race in 150cc cups or mirroring cups .   If you use manual , the most suitableest the medium vehicle 's using is the mach bicycle . It is pretty quick and it has huge drifting and mini turbo , which makes an enormous drifting bicycle . It 's hugest downside is that it has bad acceleration . If you 're playing online a lot , the majority of the people witha VR of over 9500 will 's use a Mach Bike . 

Q: What is thwomp in Mario Kart wii?
A: Set a Time Trials recording on sixteen various courses , 250 WFC races , or 1,350 races ought to be won .