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Transparent casing able to see the remaining number of seeds and fertilizers. then packing it with standard export wooden box after you confirm machine is ok . Service on sale We are confident that we sell our machines to customers at low prices and activated.

1.one seed one hole or multi seeds one hole as required. 4.The seeders are much lighter and smaller, easily to operate and transport. Transparent casing able to see the remaining number of seeds and fertilizers.

When the planter goes forward it can sow,and it doesn’t sow when the machine goes backward,reducing the waste of seeds. 2.Seeding hopper is transparent may at any time to confirm seeds sowing amount Detailed Image 1. How to adjust Inter row seed plant spacing by sprockets 9 So for other seeds with the same way choose the sprocket. According to the quantity you need, we will recommend best economic and fastest way to delivery to your place.

2. We are a professional and trustworthy supplier. 5. Save labor cost and time, Save money. We are differnent with Others.

drum seeder SPECIFICATIONS: 1 . high quality manual corn seeder 2.65 manganese steel spade point 3. prevent wheatgrass congestion and winding 4. Cut weeds , deep ditch , single grain precision sowing 5.CE approve 6. It is matched with more than 7hp walking tractor . Parameters of Corn/soybean planter / single row soybean planter : Precision sowing machine CSP-1 CSP-2 Overall dimension 1250X650X250mm 1250X650X600mm Weight 30kg 50kg Line 1 2 Transmission type Shaft driven Shaft driven Line space 30-70cm(adjustive) Matched power 6-10hp 6-10hp work efficiency 0.3ha/h 0.5ha/h Depth of seeding 5-7cm 5-7cm Use Corn, soybean Corn, soybean Pictures of Corn/soybean seeder/single row soybean planter The other seeders for power tiller

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Alibaba.com makes dreamt-of modern agriculture a reality with this vast range of drum seeder. Choose a seeder type and brand easily and enjoy superb price-offs when you shop digitally from the comfort of your home. drum seeder suppliers and wholesalers can also take advantage of amazing offers while making bulk purchases.