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Direct Transfer Film (DTF) is a type of print media used in the printing industry to transfer high-resolution images directly onto a substrate, such as a t-shirt, mug, or other promotional items. DTF films refer to films with a pre-printed image that is placed onto the substrate and then heat-pressed to transfer the image onto the merchandise. This process is known as DTF transfer. As DTF is a popular choice for printing clear graphics and images with sharp, vibrant colors and fine details, it can become suitable for printing on a wide range of materials and creating custom items for brands and businesses. Explore DTF transfer printers, inks, and films to start a business or personal branding line.

How to do a DTF print?

The DTF transfer printing process is pretty simple. Retailers will need to first prepare the substrate, which is the material that will be printed on. There is no need for pre-treatment in DTF printing, and retailers only need to clean the surface to remove debris to ensure the adhesive function properly. Next, print the desired image onto the substrate and cut the preferred shape and size. Once done, apply the DTF film and apply heat and pressure to transfer the image. Peel the DTF film away once completed to reveal the finished print. Depending on the substrate and the type of DTF ink used, cure the print using heat or UV light to ensure that it is properly set and for longer durability. The process can slightly differ based on the kind of substrate or DTF printer. Generally, it is recommended that retailers follow the specific steps and instructions that the seller has provided.

Is DTF t-shirt printing a good idea?

DTF t-shirt printing can be a great affordable option when it comes to starting a t-shirt business. For one, DTF printing requires a meager investment than a DTG printer. A DTF kit costs only about one-tenth of the DTG printer. Unlike the DTG method, which works only on cotton fabrics, DTF printing can also work on cotton and polyblends. However, one downside is that DTF is not suitable for printing large runs of items, as it is a more labor-intensive process. It may also not be suitable for printing on certain types of materials, such as those with a rough or uneven surface.

Where to find custom DTF transfers printing equipment?

Buyers can find many great options and deals when shopping for DTF transfer sheets, paper, and printers on Alibaba.com. From custom DTF films in various shapes and sizes to direct DTF printing services for outsourcing laborious processes, anyone can find a manufacturer or product that meets their needs.

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