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        Q: Can you become Dutch by marrying a Dutch citizen?
A: No . You cant be Dutch even though you used to live there everything your life . You can solely be dutch if your parents were dutch . 

Q: What were the Dutch known for?
A: . the euro . ______________________________________________________________________________________ . It 's been changed to the euro in most recent times , but the dutch currency was the `` guilder '' . 

Q: Is there such language of Dutch?
A: The Dutch language is a Germanic language primarily spoken inthe Netherlands , north Belgium ( Flanders ) , Suriname and theDutch Antilles . Small pockets of Dutch speakers also lives inNorthwestern France ( around Calais ) and the west Germany , approximately thecities , towns Cleves . In South Africa , Afrikaans talk about . Afrikaans is a language whichis derived from the Dutch spoken by Dutch colonists . The two languagesare reciprocally comprehensible , that is the reason why are commonly groupedtogether by linguists . Dutch is linked to English , Frisian , German and the Scandinavianlanguage versions . Is improperly deemed to be be one of the harshest learn lessons . ( it'sactually one of the easiest for English speakers . Yes , Dutch .