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Looking to buy wholesale water closets to service your business clients or to sell to end consumers? On Alibaba, you will find a wide range of affordable toilet bowls, bidet toilets, wall mounted toilets and other items, such as toilet handles, at wholesale prices.

There are also more specialised niche types of eago toilet that you can consider procuring, including composting toilets and incinerator toilets. Composting toilets are dry toilets that facilitate the decomposition of human waste in an environmentally friendly and energy saving way. Incinerator toilets, on the other hand, burn human faeces. They are typically used in special situations where there is limited access to effective plumbing.

Apart from toilet bowls, you can also buy toiletstools and special handicap toilet bowls. These are usually placed in malls or other public spaces such as coffee shops, plazas and shops. Businesses may sometimes also find themselves replacing a toilet or toilet flush if there are frequent issues of clogged toilets due to wear and tear over time. You can cater to these businesses by offering reliable eago toilet. If you want to provide further value-added services, you can even help your clients with installing a toilet!

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