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What is an EEG cap

In full, EEG caps stand for ElectroEncephalography caps. The work of the EEG cap is to measure the electrical activity that comes from the interactions of neurons in the brain. There are flat metal discs called electrodes that are attached to the scalp to do the readings. Therefore, EEG caps have multiple electrodes because different parts of the brain produce various signals. EEG caps with 8 electrodes are used to monitor only one section of the brain, mainly the frontal asymmetry. 10-20 electrodes are usually adequate for most medical studies and exams. EEG caps with more than 20 electrodes are for more advanced imaging and study.

What are EEG caps made of?

EEG caps are made of a spandex-types, elastic fabric. Recessed EEG cap electrodes made of pure tin are usually attached to the inside of the fabric. EEG caps are used to assist with electrode placement. They make it easier to affix electrodes to the scalp. The EEG cap also ensures the electrodes remain in adequate contact with the scalp throughout the exam. There are wet and dry EEG caps. This is determined by whether water will be placed on the electrodes before attachment or not.

Child EEG caps can be made to have art from famous cartoons to reduce the child’s stress when getting the exam done. Baby EEG caps are adjustable and can fit babies with various head shapes and sizes. Ambulatory EEG caps can measure a person’s brain activity over a period of 24 hours or more. It is a form of portable EEG cap that stays on the subject’s head for long hours. A wireless EEG cap is also called a rubber net because of its looks.

Are EEG caps safe?

EEG caps are mostly painless and safe. Apart from feeling a bit tired after the test, there are no known EEG cap side effects to worry about. The only EEG cap danger recorded is the small possibility of having a seizure during the test for patients who have epilepsy. Flashing lights are also used during the test, which may also affect some patients. Talk to your doctor about your medical history as pertains to seizures and flashing light disorders before getting the test done. There are several EEG caps for sale for buyers to pick from.

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