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        Q: Would a raw egg or a cooked egg break faster if you dropped the egg?
A: No reason at everyone , and I believe this is one urban legend that would are easily to bust if you just try it . Take one of each up in a tall building , drop them together , and have your assistant on the ground descriis exactly what he observes . My forecasting is that they arrive together , and they 'splat ' concurrently . . A Possible Scenario : Eggs are ovate ( not precisely circular ) . Now , think of an egg as a bullet . If a bullet begins to tumble end-over-end it is slowed down due increasedn wind resistance . Take a boiled egg and spin it on a flat surface . It spins readily since its whole mass are progressing together . Now take a raw egg and spin it on that same flat surface . It does not spin as well because the mass of the liquid center was was endeavouring to stay at remainder . ( see Sir Issac for more on that ) The raw egg 're going to try to withstand tumbling more than the boiled egg , so the raw egg will tends to maintain a more steady flight path through the air . ... or possibly the raw eggs have a `` go fast '' coating that comes off when boiled . ; ) 

Q: Where to find a cheap 'egg' chair?
A: I usually like to go to a garage store sales , flea market or 2nd hand store . 

Q: Do the parent take care of their egg?
A: it 's not genuine because if you do n't sit on your egg it will be cold and the egg has to be warm to maintaining the baby alives inside the egg