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        Q: How long should an egg stay in the incubator?
A: They ought to be left in the incubator till these people are dried , fluffy and actively involved . Do not rush aimed at eliminating them as opening the incubator will effect the un-hatched and still hatching eggs . This usually takes up to thirty-6 hours and the firstly hatching chicks will survive very well without food or water since the humidity in the incubator keeps them hydrated . After thirty-6 hours all unhatched eggs ought to be candhas contributed to checked feasibility , and the hatched chicks moved to a brooder box . 

Q: Incubator thermostat?
A: I am not too convinced but I believe it maybe it is that it gets up to temperature and later switches off till the temperature fell to keep it at the same temp . My air-conditioner does that , it cools the room and later switches off till the internal thermo detects that it 's getting hot again .   If you want it on continually maybe you need a dim-able bulb so that rather than just switching off it just turns the power down . I am not convinced exactly how your incubator is working . Or if you wish the bulb for lighting you might need two bulbs , one for lighting and another for heating . 

Q: Bearded dragon incubator?
A: You 's going to need a spare viv for the babies whenever they hatch , then why do n't you use the viv ? I incubate all of my egg and clients eggs in spare wooden vivariums that are thermostatically controlled ( you have to have a thermostat whatever method you use ) . I know you wish to keep the costs down , but have you thought about what to do with the babies whenever they hatch ? If you had later you will got everything you required , not necessary to spend anything ! I do feel though , that a 150 watts bulb 's rather excessive , unless the region is huge naturally , which I have a sense this really is n't . Normally I would solely use a 150 watts bulb if the viv is taller than around 2ft and greater than a 3ft x 2ft . Good luck .