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There is huge diversity in chick hatchers and chicken incubators, with some industrial incubators large enough to hold nearly 125 thousand eggs, and others only holding a few eggs. Thus, when stocking hatching box and egg hatching incubators for your customer, it is important to know what the end usage will be.

Small incubators take up the largest market share and chicken incubators show the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR), so, it can be best to stock a selection of both to cater to all customers — the farmer may purchase a large chicken egg incubator and his son may purchase a small at-home DIY egg incubator. Learn more about these two types below and stock the right hatchers for your customers.

For home or small farm use:

Buy wholesale small chicken hatching and ostrich egg hatching boxes, as well as incubators for incubating duck eggs, hatching goose eggs, and turkey hatching eggs for your customers with small farms or for those that simply want chickens, ducks, turkey, and geese pets. These small incubators generally hold 0 to 1000 eggs, giving them great versatility and range in price from around $10 to $600.

For hunting or exotic animal breeding:

For those customers looking to expand the local quail or pheasant population for the hunting season, stock quail egg incubators and incubators with pheasant eggs for hatching. For exotic animal enthusiasts, stock snake egg hatching and reptile incubators, as well as incubators with peacock eggs for hatching and parrot hatching eggs. These incubators and hatching boxes are often small, as there is usually no need for more than 1000 fertilized eggs, however, for those looking to exceed this number, you can stock medium hatchers that hold between 1000 and 6000 eggs. These larger incubators are more expensive and consume more electricity to maintain the required level of heat, however, they can mean greater profitability if the end user aims to sell the hatchlings.

For large and industrial farm use:

For those customers looking to maximize the number of hatchlings, whether this be for the most popular industry (poultry) or smaller but still large farming categories, such as goose and duck farming, be sure to stock large incubators that hold more than 6000 eggs. These industrial- sized incubators can have multiple stages and be solar-powered to save on electricity. The size and specifications mean that prices range too, from lower-end incubators that hold 15000 eggs at around $42 to mass scale commercial incubators at around $30,000.

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