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        Q: Can I use only an electric motor on a small boat?
A: What are the ratings on the motor ? Is it a 9v motor ? How faster is it spinning , and how quicklyer do you want it to spin ? Are there any gears ?   What is the loading ?   A most potent motor comes to mind .    editing : loading of an ounce does n't mean anything . You required to describe the loading in details .   Try twelve volts rather than nine volts ?   It is perhaps not destined to spin any faster rate CD disks do n't spin that fast .   . 

Q: How much IS my boat motor?
A: you might get $ 100.00 for it , but I doubt it . The 2 strikes against it is that it is a Chrysler , and a 1967 . That makes parts , etc . challenging to find . Personally , I would n't take it for free , but I am convinced somebody without much money to be devoted that needs a good running motor will jump at possibilities for anything under $ 100 .   You do n't mention wherever you are at , and I know localisation has alot to do with the market ; but I just defrayed $ 300 ( last Nov ) for a 2004 9.9 hp 4 stroke Yamaha with electrical starting . So the contest maybe it is difficult . 

Q: Does a boat motor pull the boat?
A: Some would ceverything it cruising the waves . If you happens to be fishing at the time , you would be trolling . Motor boating could also cover water-skiing , if anybody is tagging along behind . Many motor boaters just enjoy driving around without any pesky lanes or trafficking lights to bother with . Wind in the face , salt in the hair ... you are aware , these kinds of thing . It 's also a sexual term meaning for one to bury their is confronted withto a women 's chest , normally a greatr breasted woman , and whilst shaking their head they make a sound similar to a motor vessel .