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The kitchen is the heart of a home, and the oven is the centerpiece of a kitchen. In recent years, many new types of ovens emerged, with electric ovens witnessing a rise in popularity. Electric ovens are known for even and consistent cooking. They deliver great results when it comes to even heat distribution and accurate temperatures. Electric ranges rely on electric oven heating elements to produce drier heat than traditional gas ovens, making them good for roasting and broiling.

Benefits of electric ovens

When choosing kitchen appliances, there are many important factors to consider, especially when deciding on the energy source type. Compared to other types of ovens, electric range ovens have multiple advantages that make them more appealing to a chef. Firstly, they often offer steadier and drier heat, making them suitable for boiling and other speed-oriented tasks. The drier heat and the more consistent temperatures make electric ovens ideal tools for baking or browning. Secondly, an electric oven plugs into an outlet, so it's typically simpler to install in most kitchens. It's noted that only a 240-volt outlet with a dedicated circuit can take the job. Moreover, most electric ovens feature a smooth and flat surface that's easy to wipe clean. Also, these self-cleaning electric ovens often have a self-clean feature within the cavity that also helps release spills and splatters.

Types of electric ovens

Electric ovens are available in single, double, and combination models. Single wall ovens provide a standard single oven cavity in a variety of capacities, while double ovens feature two separate ovens, typically a smaller on top and a larger below. In this way, the double type can be used for different cook settings. Combination wall ovens have a microwave on top and an oven on the bottom, saving space in kitchens where microwaves are needed. Also, electric wall ovens can be either placed within a column cabinet or fitted underneath a worktop. The former, or built-in electric ovens, can make lifting dishes in and out of the oven much easier as there's no bending required, and the latter can provide a seamless look.