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MoSi2 Heater for Electric Furnace Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element Now our company supply two types MoSi2 Heater, one is M1700 type, which ensure max. During the oxidizing process, the SiO2 protecting film is formed again when the element continues to be used. The MoSi2 Heater must not be used in the temperature between 400C and 700C for a long time, otherwise the element will be cremated under the strong oxidizing function in the low temperature.

Silicon Carbide heating element Features: 1. Withstands as high as 1600°C (surface temperature), 2. Generates high heat output per unit surface area, approximately 5-10 times than the output of Nichrome wire, 3. High strength and excellent shock resistance, 4. Heat source is free of noise and air pollution. -1.36 40 500-1700 300-400 1300-2300 0.60-2.02 44.4 508-2437 280-432 1068-3277 0.36-1.66 50 1000-2000 400 1800-2800 0.73-1.46 54 508-2438 305-458 862-3278 0.30-1.40 Application It is widely used in various high temperature laboratory furnace and other electric heating devices, such as in the industries of magnet, ceramics, power metallurgy, glass, and metallurgy and machinery etc Benefits We adopt new production process of cold ends, so our Sic heating elements have excellent specific rate of heat zone resistance and cold end resistance, saving energy, long life, avoiding over-temperature of cold ends to damage the furnace body . The commercial name of our Sic heating elements is Yuhao Sic heating elements.

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