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An electric wheelchair motor is what allows an electric wheelchair to move. When a person sits down to use the wheelchair, all they need to do is press a button to trigger the motor to function and move the wheels. Some advanced models may have multiple navigation buttons that make the wheelchair locked in a specific direction. Some wheelchairs can even go backward, thanks to modern technology. Since they are electric wheelchairs, they are powered by batteries.

An electric wheelchair motor is powered by an electric battery

This is why a motorized wheelchair requires a fully-charged battery for the motor to turn on. Without a functioning motor, an electric wheelchair cannot be turned on. The user will be forced to manually turn both of the wheels using their hands, which can be daunting for some due to the lack of upper body strength. In fact, many elderly heavily rely on these electric wheelchairs. Riding on those is the only means of transportation without losing independence, so a terrible or poorly-functioning motor kind of defeats the purpose of having an electric wheelchair in the first place.

Can an ordinary wheelchair be converted into an electric wheelchair?

Using an electric wheelchair motor kit allows wheelchair owners to transform their wheelchairs into power wheelchairs. Each kit contains a DIY electric wheelchair motor that can be attached to the existing wheelchair for some speed. Usually, a small lightweight electric wheelchair motor is used for the speed cap to remain safe. This is because it is easy to attach and detach, depending on the design of the existing wheelchair. For example, a foldable electric wheelchair might need the location of the motor to be adjusted when the wheelchair is folded up.

Where can damaged electric wheelchair motors be brought in for repair?

In case of defective or faulty wheelchair motors, people can consult electric wheelchair motor repair specialists. A complete replacement may be done if the wheelchair is brand new or barely used at the place of purchase. Used electric wheelchairs with damaged motors might need thorough inspections and later repair jobs. Most wheelchair companies offer a free electric wheelchair motor inspection for their customers. Certain diagnostic tests and quality assurance checks are done to help locate the source of the problem.

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