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Embroidery floss usually comes packed in packs of six strands. The thread is slightly glossy and is generally made of cotton but can come in polyester, rayon, or silk. DMC floss is a specific brand of thread made from 100% Egyptian cotton with a sheen and gloss to it. It is one of the most widely used kinds of embroidery thread worldwide. Because it is double-mercerized, there is a shine to it that is unique to this specific kind of thread. DMC embroidery floss can be used to make various items in addition to hand embroidery needlepoint, like friendship bracelets, dream catchers, jewelry, and tassels.

What is the difference between embroidery floss and thread?

The difference between embroidery string and floss is that the word floss is used when referring to the bunch of six strings. The embroidery thread is just one string of the six. When doing embroidery or needlepoint, only one string is used at a time, not all six. In some crafts, though, all six are used together, like when making jewelry or friendship bracelets. All six can also be used when making tassels or doing specific embroidery requiring a thicker string like Crewelwork.

What kind of embroidery floss is best for beginners?

Some threads and kinds of needlework are more manageable for beginners. For individuals starting this craft, quilting fabric and plain cotton muslin are easier to work with. Threads that can be used with these fabrics include standard cotton floss, six strings twisted together. Pearl cotton can also be used. It is a twisted thread that cannot be separated. It is available in various colors and is easy to thread needles due to its thickness.

What can be used instead of embroidery floss?

There are alternatives to silk embroidery floss that can be used for craft projects, like yarn, wool, metallic thread, tapestry wool, or Persian wool. All of these alternatives have different finishes than the standard floss. The yarn and wool will not have the shine that the floss has, while the metallic thread will have a shine, but it will be gold or silver. Clothes embroidered with metallic thread cannot be washed like embroidery floss. Ribbon is another good alternative to floss and is often used for floral embroidery and is threaded through a standard needle. Some threads are not colorfast, like silk thread, which will bleed or fade, so checking the manufacturer's details before purchasing is essential. There are a variety of embroidery threads available on