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        Q: Voss Glass water bottles?
A: Whole foods sells it , and I 've seen it at Trader Joe 's once before . 

Q: BEER: from the Bottle or in a Glass?
A: Depconcluded on the brew and the bottles . Many house brewers put their beer in UV protection bottles ( green or brown ones ) and maintain it for numerous years . As longer as the sun has n't afflicted the tasting amd it 's a good brew began to with . I mean now a CHEAP beer from the grocery , it is able remain good to drink for years . I still have some that I made 2 years ago and it tastes better each month . Aging the brew mellows the flavour . Some people think since it just do n't have zing to it that it 's a bad beer . Nope , as longer as it has carbonation it it , there 's still good to drink . Homebrews is feasible to brought back to living by adding a small sugar ( about onetsp to 12 ounces ) and recapping the bottle . the residual yeast creates more CO2 and the beer be coming back to life in are a few of weeks . If you choose to throw it away be persuaded to recycle the bottles ! 

Q: What kind of glass are beer bottles made from?
A: I am not convinced what the bottle was called , but the beer in it 's Bitburger , I think . I said you did n't time to is monitoring the film all time again to find that clip , but I remember somebody actually saying `` Yes it 's Bitburger , you 're enjoying it ? '' in the movie .   Nice beer , by the way .   Bottles usage to have resealing capping on them ... rubber gasket and a ceramic cap on a steel arm that attached to the bottle . The link below shows what sort of top I are talking about ... hope it assists   http : //image.shutterstock.com/display_pi ...