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        Q: If the enamel coating is gone is it safe to use it and what would cause the enamel to expire.?
A: When the enamel 's gone from a tooth , the underlying surface called dentin is exposed , and the tooth be extremely , highly sensitive . Unless something such as drastic erosion has gone on , it would be uncommon to lose sufficient enamel so that you 'd feel as if you were swallowing particulate of something .   I 'm guess that you are speak about tartar , also-called dental calculus . Th's what happened to plaque when this is not removed daily ; it mineralizes and hardens and gets stuck difficult to the tooth so - this ca n't be happening readily removed at house . It 's a chalky substance that are able occasionally break off when this is new though - this maybe it is what you are feeling and swallowing .   One of the firstly places most people get a tartar buildup is on the tongue side of the bottom front teeth . I am enclosing a connection so you are able see what that sounds like .   When you 're seeing the dentist , he will ( or his hygienist will ) , eliminating all the tartar by sanitizing your teeth by hand tools ( scalers & amp ; curettes ) , and possibly ultrasonic scalers , too . You presumably have some of th's going on under your gumline , as well .   In addition , they serves to show you how to maintaining th's from happens in the future , by showing efficient brushing & amp ; flossing techniques .   **Hope this assistances ! ( Happy New Year ) : ) 

Q: Can you cook vinegar in a enamel coated pot?
A: Enamel is all right . What you necessary is a non-reactive surface , and enamel is non-reactively involved . A $ 12.95 enamel pot will be thin , so watch your temperatures and stir to avoid having burn . Watch for chips-enamel be comparatively sturdy but fragile -- do n't drop the pot or whack the edge of it with metal utensils . 

Q: Problem with mini enamel/cast iron pan?
A: You can enamel cast-iron - but this is totally various than firing ceramics .   Yes , you 'll required to pre-treat the casting iron . It needs a good cleansing , a shot blasting and , in general , a ground-coat enamel to make the ornamental enamel stick . The enamel is necessary for be matched to the expansion rates and chemistry of the Iron you are usings . Your firing curve wo n't be the same as what you are employed to for firing ceramics .   If you do it wrong , your enamel wo n't bonding to the pan or , even worse , it will craze and dispatch shards of enamel flying off the firstly time you 're trying to cook with it .   The Porcelain Enamel Institute is presumably the most suitableest place to start researching this .  http : //www.porcelainenamel.com/index.htm ...