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Features & Benefits • Multi-purpose with excellent mechanical and oxidation stability. Can be applied to equipments under moist and water presented conditions. • Do not contain any heavy metal, nitrite and other chemicals that do harm to human’s health and pollute environment.

Protected it from dust and impurities after open, close the drum lid after using. Free Sample We can provide lubricants grease free sample to customers. OEM Customized We can customize lubricant grease as per customers' request-logo,color and so on.

VIRGINOILMP2 Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease VIRGINOILMP2 Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease is a NLGI 2, lithium based, water resistant grease for automotive and light to medium trucks, farm and industrial applications. It is recommended for automotive chassis lubrication points, ball joints and universal joints, and resists softening at high operating temperatures. It seals out dirt and moisture contamination, is formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors, and offers good stability over its operating range.

Order: 15 Tons more quatities, more cheaper FOB Price: About US $ 1200-1400/Ton Mid. Order: 15 Tons more quatities, more cheaper FOB Price: About US $ 2000-2100/Ton Mid. Order: 15 Tons more quatities, more cheaper FOB Price: About US $ 1300-1400/Ton Mid.

Extreme Pressure Lithium EP Grease Thickener: composite lithium soap Base oil: refined mineral oil Additives: EP additives, antioxidant, antirust additive and other additives For lubrication of bearings of a variety of high-temperature and heavy-duty mechanical equipment in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, building materials, transportation and engineering construction industry. Used on sintering furnace, coke oven, blast furnace, steelmaking furnace, continuous casting machine, tandem mill, melting machine, drying furnace, reaction kettle, high-speed car, heavy vehicle and large-scale engineering machinery and so on. Applicable Temperature Range: -20-180℃ Excellent EP anti-wear property; Good pumpability, could meet the requirements of integral lubrication system; Excellent anti-rust performance, in the water working environment also remains good anti-rust property; Excellent oxidation Stability, colloid stability and mechanical stability, extended service life.

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About products and suppliers:
Explore the exhaustive ep2 grease range on Alibaba.com. They are high boiling point lubricants that can handle high heat. ep2 grease are valuable in maintaining the smooth functioning of brakes.

ep2 grease on Alibaba.com comply with DOT3 and DOT4 standards. They are useful for an array of automobiles like cars, trucks, and so on. These products function optimally regardless of weather conditions. They are anti-freeze industrial oils and remain unaffected by high temperatures. Driver does not have to exert pressure to stop the vehicle, and the fluids do their job effectively. They exhibit strong adhesion and rapid film-forming ability. The products are valuable for preventing brake failure and consequent accidents. Enjoy a safe and comfortable drive with the use of products.

ep2 grease are available in varying volumes and state. The lubricants have low rubber expansion, minimizing oil leakage. They are rust-resistant, ensuring the metallic automotive elements stay in the best shape. Due to their wet and dry high boiling point, they prevent the build-up of vapor lock. Goods have an extended shelf life of several years, making them suited for long term use. They cut down vehicle maintenance costs. Goods with an enhanced extrusion resistance help the effective separation of dye from the brake pads. They do not leave molds on the brake pads.

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