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The epoxy table is usually made of raw wood for its edges. There is generally a band of epoxy resin in the middle. In the end, it offers a river-style rendering, which is why epoxy resin tables have been nicknamed “river tables”. It is a proven business philosophy that fashion and popularity dictate the buying pattern of consumers. For distributors wishing to monopolize on the pulse of modern fashion, epoxy river tables may be the investment you’re looking for. An epoxy wood table is a fashionable decoration for clients' homes. When it comes to interior decoration, the use of epoxy furniture provides an exciting twist.

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With the global epoxy resin market valuation at USD 22.9 billion in 2021 plus an expected expansion of (CAGR) 7.3% from 2022 to 2030. It’s easy to see why vendors are so interested in this product!

Epoxy resin tables are suitable for all budgets and are thus within every end-users financial reach. The components of the epoxy resin are cheap and plentiful. As a result, the end product is sold at a lower cost, especially when bought in large quantities. Epoxy resin tables are not expensive, even individuals with a small budget can afford the luxury of getting one.

One of the reasons customers appreciate resin table tops is the diversity of their shapes. Resin wood tables are pieces of furniture that offer wide creative freedom. Whether original, atypical, or fanciful tables, we provide a style to fit your client’s needs. Wood and resin tables are best known for their strength. During their design, their wooden surfaces are solidly carved and then tabletop epoxy is applied. Since the resin does not weather easily it is a combination that gives them increased resistance. One of the popular materials these days in manufacturing, construction, decorating, and many other areas is epoxy. Woodworking epoxy can be applied to a variety of furniture, from epoxy coffee tables, epoxy dining tables, resin picnic tables, resin outdoor tables, and all the way to resin bar tops.

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